About Me

Hello ! I’m Mihir ^.^ First off I’d like to welcome you to my site.

Just for giggles I could tell you I’m an axe swinging murderer with an insatiable appetite for cotton candy and a small obsession for rubber bath duckies. But I’ll spare you that.

But on a more serious note, marketing in the entertainment industry, managing projects and building relationships are my passions and my expertise. Owing to the time I spent in the Entertainment, Marketing Consultancy and Retail Sports Industry collaborating across departments, building business relationships, using insights and being able to look at things from different perspectives to with the aim of doing them differently, are things that I do best.

My interests range from Music/music composition to Economics, Consumer Behavior, Technology, Comedy, Psychology or any form of art or science.

I’ve been told that I communicate well. That coupled with my innate ability to help people along usually makes me the facilitator and sometimes the leader of a group. Though quite fascinating in itself I’ve realized that I like the unorthodox. Honestly, I’m not too sure why, but the allure of the different which comes along with the unorthodox is quite thrilling.

I’m the kind of person who absolutely loves to learn. There really isn’t something that I think is too much for me to handle.
Moreover, I adore helping others develop. This want to help others has manifested throughout my life in various forms, may it be teaching children while in High School, aiding my fellow students in college develop creative & soft skills, caring for animals or teaching kids & adults in Goa, India.

That being said, I’m not rainbows and butterflies all the time. There are times (which society seems to frown upon) when I’m saturated from human interaction. The drain tires me, which is when I usually sit by myself to read or play my music.

Additionally, people have told me I’m quite frank. Implying that when others would just smile and walk around with a mask of politeness I’d just cut through it all to get right to the point. Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages to it but there are times that despite my non-threatening intentions people do indeed feel threatened by the directness. Therefore I’m working on it and trying to understand when to and not to cut through.

My goal right now is to help people connect. Connect with themselves, with others or with whomsoever it maybe.
Whether it may be through marketing music or an art form, the creative workshops I organize on college campus or the teaching I do on the side lines. Bringing people in, making them feel like part of something bigger and being able to touch a person’s life is something I cherish.

Work Experience


Hansa Cequity

Marketing Data Analytics Intern, 2017

  • Analyzed 2016-2017 “Raymonds Limited” Facebook data based on content parameters to gain insights to achieve the highest organic reach and engagement.
  • Resulted in the next campaign achieving drastic improvements in reach and engagement.
  • Presented a data driven market analysis on YouTube Comedy Sketch/Prank videos for a client “Fabform”, aimed to produce hit videos (300k views/month). Achieved through analysing resultant insights.
  • Drawing heavily from my findings, casting & screen writing is underway.

Desi Hangover

Marketing Consultancy Project, 2016

  • Constructed a Go to Market Strategy for the client based on target segment, brand and business goals.

Blue Cross Society

Blue Cross Society, Pune

Social Media In-Charge, 2015- 2016

  • Conceptualized social media strategy to raise awareness of the NGO based on my prior experience in market research, branding and content creation.


Sony Music Entertainment, Mumbai

Artist Management and Music Marketing Intern, 2015

  • Conducted an audit assessment of current media channels & identified new channels.
  • Assisted the Business Manager of breakthrough artists Arjun Kanungo and Brodha V: formulate social network strategies, follow up on potential artist development leads, conceptualize branding campaigns, promotional content and publicity opportunities.
  • Resulted in the hit single “Baaki Baatein Peene Baad” by Arjun Kanungo ft. Badshah. It gained 24 million YouTube views as well as featured in Apple Music’s “Best of 2016” and “The A List: Indian Pop”



Decathlon, Pune

Sales Intern, 2014

  • Increased retail sales for the hiking department (Quechua) by revamping its retail layout based on the consumer’s behavior. Changes were made regarding merchandise pricing, promotions as well as product displays, customers service and relationship building.
  • Given charge of Caperlan (fishing equipment department) based on success in Quechua.
  • Resulted in Quechua achieving the highest gross sales in store. Sales of slow moving Caperlan increased by 600% per week.


Radio Indigo 91.9 FM

Programming Intern, 2013

  • Content creation for Daily RJ shows
  • Extended my role to scripting and producing ads for the daily/weekly RJ shows & radio interviews by learning and then applying production methods.
  • Resulted in Radio Indigo’s Facebook page receiving positive engagement regarding the new content being aired.


My background is in Marketing, Finance, Business, Economics, Law and Song writing


Goa Institute of Management 

MBA (Marketing and Finance), 2016-2018

Here I gained an in-depth understanding and practical outlook on marketing and finance. Moreover it taught me some invaluable life lessons such as time management, believing in myself, the importance of being a self-starter, proactive and how to work in a group.

Berklee Logo

Berklee College of Music 

Song Writing Diploma, 2016

It moved very quickly from just a fun way of spending time to broadening my horizons. I learnt that stories can be told in a multitude of ways and that timing counts for everything.

SSE Logo

Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune 

B.Sc Economics, 2013 – 2016

I did my undergrad for 3 years in Pune. From the basics of micro/macroeconomics to Business Law, Econometric, International Relations and Financial Management- this course gave me a functional understanding of economics and its impact on the economy whether it be a domestic or global scale.

Our college fest taught me a lot about how to organize events and lead teams

Thesis: The Democratization of Power in the Music Industry


Bishops School Camp, Pune 

12th grade Commerce, ISC, 2011 – 2013

Discipline was the bedrock of this school. My love for economics and psychology was nurtured here and I made friends that I still very close.


Bishops Co-Ed School, Kalyaninagar, Pune 

10th grade ICSE , 2005 – 2011

A lot of my grassroots were sown here. Creativity, football, music, drama, writing and those horrible Hindi lessons taught me perseverance and gave me perspective for the rest of my life.

(Huge shout out to Mr. Bunyan if you’re reading this)